Double twisted metal nets since 1954

BORGHI AZIO® Srl has been operating since 1954 in the fields of geotechnics, hydrogeology and the environment.

For over 50 years, tradition, experience and innovation make our company one of the leading Italian manufacturers of double twisted metal mesh materials.
Our passion for achieving a quality product, customer attention and respect for the environment has been driving us for decades to look for products that increasingly meet the needs of designers and businesses, leading us to the realization of:

Gabbiodren® drainage system Gabbiodren® drainage system with pre-assembled drainage pipe, reinforced lands FAST-TER® system, Nail-Gabions system, Gulls, Rinseable Gulls, RECS® geocomitable anti-erosion system, MATECO® Moisturizing Mattresses, Antinutria and Burgher Systems Some of our technical solutions.

Our Company is able to provide its customers, businesses and designers with a technical assistance service aimed at meeting specific requirements and developing proposals and intervention hypotheses.

Our goals

We therefore propose:

Design phase: as a support for public and private designers for optimum use of technical solutions, including through verifications and predispositions with dedicated computing software.

Realization phase: with the provision of certified and high quality products and with on-site technical assistance for the product installation phases.

Phase of R & D: for the study of new technical and application solutions for the environmental and geotechnical sector, in keeping with the needs of the market and in concert with design technicians.

Borghi Azio® Srl is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company

A well-established reality in the field of geotechnics.
For information, 0522 873193

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