Safety gulls

Gull structures are works that are widely used in the construction of supporting, subsurface and contruction walls in the area of ​​road, railway, hydraulic and architectural consolidation.
The gulls are box-shaped structures made of woven metal wire with hot galvanized iron wire with zinc-aluminum alloy and / or plastic polymer coating. The boxed structures are filled in the yard with stones of suitable characteristics and size (between 15 and 25 cm, preferably cobblestone or compact hollow and non-friable, non-friable). The inert must be laid in such a way as to ensure the correct characteristics of weight, porosity, shape of the structure and engagement of the masonry of the stone material (not too regular form materials such as squared stones, bricks or blocks). The cage structure exploits the mutual interaction between stone and metal mesh, acting as a solid and monolithic assembly. The quantity and quality of the internal bindings are therefore fundamental, which allow the system to correctly and effectively distribute the loads and loads.
drenaggio con muri di sostegno


The characteristics of the flexibility and drainage of the gulls give the support walls the best structure for the mitigation of extinct phenomena up to depths of 4-5 meters in lime-clay soils with high water content. Cuttlefish can be refined by inserting a specific pre-assembled vegetal pocket (Green Cabbage) or by inserting cuttings during the construction phases. The realization of combined works of Naturalistic Engineering with cobblestones and cuttings has an important function of mitigating environmental impact, landscaping and improving geotechnical functionality over time (drainage and diffusion of radical plants).

The parameters

The design of the clay works must be carried out according to the criteria established for traditional gravity walls, with reference to the limit states listed in Chapter of DM 14.01.2008 (NTC2008) valid for both static and For those pseudo-static ones. It should also be remembered that the hydraulic cage applied also needs adequate technical and functional evaluations based on its drag traction characteristics. Borghi Azio® Srl provides design engineers with technical support both during design and shipbuilding and provides free copy of the updated software to the Technical Standards for Construction contained in DM 14.01.2008.

Safety gulls made according to the rules: for information,

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