Gabbioni cilindrici e pre-rivestiti

Gabbioni cilindrici e pre-rivestiti

Cylindrical gulls are reinforced wire mesh structures that are filled with stone in order to create flexible and permeable elements to be used in riverside shingles, underfloor heating works in cribs and mattresses or in emergency works (ringroots and hinges Arginals, control of embankments and fountains).
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Customizable configurations

The spondial cages made with cylindrical gulls can be verified by inserting cutters during the construction phases or they can be prepared with pre-coatings in woven materials such as biorets or georgetals in order to produce cylindrical fillets filled with earth to be painted in operation. The implementation of Combined Works of Naturalistic Engineering with cylindrical cuttings and cuttings has an important function to mitigate the environmental impact, landscape insertion and improvement of geotechnical and hydraulic functionality over time (increase in drag traction resistance offered by roofing and diffuse reinforcement of Radical systems).

The advantages

The spondal protection works in cylindrical gulls compared to other classical works (cliff, palificata, loose stone, etc.) have several advantages:
  • The structure is intimately tied and therefore admits sensitive displacements and deformations without losing hydraulic functionality and without disrupting itself
  • Because of the porosity they do not impede the water flow of the groundwater and the works are therefore perfectly "transparent" with respect to the dynamics of the oscillations of ground and hydraulic pull
  • Can be easily and effectively flattened with increased performance over time
  • Represent protection structures for aquatic fauna and are home to the establishment of ecological niches

The design

The design of a hydraulic work on MATECO® mattresses requires the design stress to be determined following the study of the hydraulic system characteristics and the parameters of the crushing and resistance to the tangential stresses permitted by the projected roofs. Because MATECO® Mattresses works to allow rapid and diffused restorations, it is advisable to carry out regular inspections that take into account the vegetative development on the shores and consequent loss of flow section. Borghi Azio® Srl provides design engineers with technical support and software for dimensioning the structures in hydraulic mattresses.

Technical documentation

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