Gabbioni verdi

Gabbioni verdi

The interaction between a cobble structure and the surrounding or present vegetation within the cage, through vegetative pockets, can lead to a gradual increase in the stability of the work. This is due to soil consolidation due to simultaneous drainage and vegetation growth. Through the development of surface parts it helps to intercept and disperse meteoric waters and, through the growth of the radical apparatus, to increase the resistive forces and the subtraction of part of the circulating water into the ground, as well as to cause a sharp decrease Of the environmental impact. Over time, the vegetation comes to completely incorporate structures into cribs and also creates local microhabitat.
dei sassi dentro a delle reti metalliche gli uni sopra gli altri in una strada curva


The creation of vegetative pockets at the front of the cobblestone walls represents a classic technique of Naturalistic Engineering, which, however, allows to considerably shorten the time of environmental insertion.

Green Cabbage is characterized by the presence of a special pre-assembled structured pocket designed to create a frontal "live" element, resulting in solid Natural Environmental Engineering works of high environmental worth.

The Green Goblet pockets are internally covered with geotextile or biotessile retentive material and externally with natural biotessiles. They are filled in with a plant site found in the site and then flourished with herbaceous seeds or planted with planting plants or autochthonous vegetal herbs.

Design criteria

The design of the clay works must be carried out according to the criteria established for traditional gravity walls, with reference to the limit states listed in Chapter of DM 14.01.2008 (NTC2008) valid for both static and For those pseudo-static ones. La Borghi Azio Srl provides design engineers with technical support both during design and shipbuilding and provides free copy of the updated software to the "Technical Standards for Construction" contained in DM 14.01.2008.

Technical documentation

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