Materassi metallici idraulici

Materassi metallici idraulici

The metallic mattress consists of a double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh structure with a parallelepiped shape, of considerable amplitude and small thickness, divided into multiple cells (pockets) with the function of increasing its hydraulic functionality and robustness.
Coatings made with mattresses have an anti-erosion coating function against the action of the currents to protect the river banks and embankments. They are thin coating works (from 17 to 30 cm.) Capable of adapting to a large number of situations and geometries.
materassi metallici con gru

The scope of use

Metal mattresses mainly used in channel protection, and in the construction of hydraulic protection and eco-environmental restoration in natural or artificial waterways or other hydraulic structures (streams, rivers, reclamation channels, expansion crates , Barriers and dams on the ground, wetlands), for the protection of earthing erosion caused by the action of the waters. It is also possible to use these technologies combined with waterproofing systems (eg membranes) where it is necessary to keep flow rates flowless with a waterproof coating (drainage channels and drainage channels) without leakage.


Metallic mattresses if properly designed and conceived represent an effective technique of Naturalistic Engineering. The techniques for hydraulic mattress matting can be done simply after laying and filling the mattress (base only), taking care to clog the voids between the stone with vegetable soil found in place then using as a cover a geocomposite RECS® IDRO prefabricated in wire mesh (having the same characteristics as the mattress net) and natural bioreas woven like agave and coconut. In this way, the shells are freshened in a very fast and natural way.

The design

The design of a hydraulic work on Metallic Mattresses requires the determination of design stresses following the study of the hydraulic system characteristics and the parameters of shank and resistance to the tangential stresses permitted by the projected roofs. Since mattress works enable quick and effective restoration, it is advisable to carry out regular checks that take into account the vegetative development on the shores.
Borghi Azio® Srl provides design engineers with technical support and software for dimensioning the structures in hydraulic mattresses.

Technical documentation

Metallic mattresses that provide high levels of protection: for information,

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