Anti-erosive protection in San Polo D'Enza

The IDR® RECS® System is a special type of anti-erosion protection specifically designed for use in hydraulic applications. This system is used in channel protection, in the creation of works for hydraulic protection and in eco-environmental restoration of natural or artificial watercourses or other hydraulic structures (streams, rivers, drainage channels, expansion boxes, barriers And dams on the ground, wetlands); It is widely used in the defense of earthing erosion by slow and continuous action of waters such as argins, arginine shoots, drifts, rhizomes, expansion crates, rolling cutters and drifters. The IDRO RECS® System also performs a major inhibitory action against nutrient digestion.

Scope of application

The RECRO® IDRO System is particularly versatile in combination with other double- tappinghydraulic materials such as gaskets, metallic mattresses and MATECO®mattresses . The combination of these materials allows calibrated use on any type of hydraulic arrangement through the targeted design of the products used from time to time according to the hydraulic stresses and the required resistances required. The propensity of these systems to full hydraulic and environmental compatibility make it ideal, well-characterized, engineered, versatile and environmentally friendly tools.

Intervention procedures

The design of hydraulic works with double torsion materials such as the RECS® IDRO System requires design stress determination following the study of hydraulic system characteristics, shank parameters and resistance to tangential stresses permitted by project shells. Since the works with IDS System RECS® IDE allow rapid and widespread vegetative propagation, it is appropriate to carry out regular inspections that take into account environmental integration and vegetative growth on the shores, resulting in a reduction in the flow section. Borghi Azio® Srl provides design engineers with technical support and software for dimensioning the structures in hydraulic mattresses

Technical documentation

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