Tubi stabilizzatori

Tubi stabilizzatori

The cracked stabilizer tube is used for covering the drilling holes in rocky or mixed walls in order to avoid blockage clashes or hole convergence.
Drilling is performed for the wall mounting of a nail which can be of various types (improved adhesion steel bar FeB44k, tie rod made of steel wire rope, anchor bolt, etc ...). After fixing the reinforcement element, inject a cement mortar or cement mortar to solidify the reinforcement with the ground in which it is inserted.
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Possible critical issues and resolutions

The hole lining shirt has the function of avoiding the "convergence" phenomena of the walls of the hole itself. Basically, in highly fragmented rock clusters, there are often problems of collapsing rock or debris portions in the hole that do not allow the rigid bar or flexible strand to be inserted.

It may also happen that due to the presence of large cavities, the loss of large quantities of cement occurs, which, due to its duly fluidised injection to facilitate its injection, tends to fill cracks and cavities, which can also be several cubic meters of volume.

To overcome these problems, the stabilizing tubes have the dual function of supporting the perforation hole walls and avoiding excessive dispersions of cement mortar.

Efficient solutions

The calibrated development of the perforated surface allows the mortar injected, by pressure or drop, to exit the tube without dispersing indiscriminately into the cavities. To further reduce the amount of dispersed mortar, a "sock" (supplied on request) can be applied in synthetic or natural material that further limits the dispersion of the cement.

Technical documentation

Stabilizer tube board Technique Stabilizer Tube

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